My Journey Home

Today I was kept back in work an extra half hour because the place was so messy. This turned out to be the perfect amount of time to give the sky a heads-up, so it could start raining the instant I left.

When I came close to my bus, I saw it pulling out and as exhausted as I was, I sprinted past it and got it at the next stop. Sprinted; in a fucking leather jacket, wearing loads of layers and with a heavy side-bag on.

The bus was so stuffy with fogged up windows and drunken junkies down the back; and anybody who knows me, knows I’m practically the poster boy for motion sickness. I felt like shit, so I closed my eyes and turned on my iPod.

Most of the journey home was fine. The motion sickness was starting to fade and my clothes had dried up a bit… when I suddenly smelt sick. I opened my eyes and a river of sick was flowing down the bus from the back where the junkies were. I was a few stops from mine so I went downstairs.
10 seconds later, a stupid drunk junkie-woman fell down the stairs, across the floor, hit her head on the window and puked all over the place.

It was starting to flow towards me… my bus-stop was a approaching… the contents off my stomach were counting down to lift off. It was like a 3-way shot in 24.

The bus doors opened and I fucking dived off. When I got a few gulps of fresh into my lungs, I looked up and saw gardaí everywhere with 2-handed machine guns stopping every car on the road.

A plane will probably crash into my house tonight



I wrote this one afternoon when I was around 15 or 16. Back in the good old days, dreaming of forming my own band; Diesel Powered Eagle. It never happened but the dream never died. Diesel Powered Eagle is the name for my solo, rock stuff. Hopefully one of these days I’ll bang out some lyrics for one of the many songs I’ve written. It’s a bit rough because I didn’t want to spend alot of time mixing and equalizing it. I’m glad I’ve done somethine productive on my day off.
It’s been a while.

Halfway through this I stopped and said aloud, “What the hell am I doing?”

Halfway through this I stopped and said aloud, “What the hell am I doing?”


A short film by Rachel Culleton, called ‘Listen’. I wrote and recorded the music for it (4:40)


Me Rikey Da Engrish

I found a website that translates sentences back and forth through English and Japanese until they’re a perfect match. I used Tony’s classic sentence to test it.